Project Management

Oversight, Reporting, Coordination and Inspection
Telecommunications - Project Management

nti provides Project Management and Inspection services to ensure the success of our client’s telecommunications projects. Effective planning, logistics, coordination, communications and attention to detail are the primary elements in our methodology and approach. Experience is the crucial element that distinguishes nti and binds our methodology with the expertise necessary to adapt to changes and emergency requirements. nti utilizes industry “best practices” to provide management oversight of implementation requirements and standard or client specific software packages to share progress, financial and deployment information. Typical Management and Inspection activities include:

  • Reporting and Presentations
  • Scheduling
  • Vendor and Contractor Coordination
  • Change Order Administration
  • On-site monitoring of the work
  • Safety enforcement
  • Physical inspection of new equipment, infrastructure and workmanship
  • System Performance and Quality testing
  • Cut-over planning and assistance
  • Training
  • Process and Procedure changes needed for operations and maintenance
  • Emergency restoration planning

Effective management oversight and the utilization of industry expertise are essential for the completion of any technology project. nti provides our client’s with an efficient means of augmenting in-house staff and applying the right type of resources needed to ensure success and optimal performance of technical solutions and new process/procedures.


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About niemann technology, inc.

nti was incorporated in 1999 and is located in Elk Grove, CA. nti is a certified small business in the State of California (OSBCR No. 0020036) and provides consulting, engineering and management services for telecommunications requirements.